Tractionator Adventure Review By XLADV

Tractionator Adventure review by XLADV

Written by Eric Hall (

I ride a 2011 KTM 990 Adventure and a bit over half of my miles are from dirt.  My typical trip is something like about 450 miles round trip of highway with about 400-600 miles of dirt.  I’m not a Starbucks rider and I don’t typically ride two-up.


My inaugural trip on these tires was in early November to Death Valley.

I was immediately impressed with the off road traction.  This 990 rear wheel spins with little effort but I was noticing how much more grab there was than before.  We did a KILLER 170 mile loop out to Furnace Creek, down West Side road and then up Warm Springs through Butte Valley and then down through Mengel pass and Goler wash then back up Panamint Valley to Panamint Springs.  This was easily some of the toughest terrain I’d ever ridden on a big bike but these Tractionator Adventure tires handled it all with ease.  Zero chunking as well.

The next major test (perhaps an understatement) was riding the famed LA-Barstow-to-Vegas in late November.  I rode the 100 miles to the starting line in Palmdale and then the next two days of mostly dirt (not the adventure bike course but the dual sport course) which some years can approach 500 miles.  Checking my REVER app showed I rode about 362 miles over the two days and then of course the 263 miles of highway home.  This is really as tough as it gets.  Miles and miles of DEEP sand, steep rocky climbs, some fun single track are typical.

Again, showing nearly no wear yet after LAB2V



Bottom line:  Considering their longevity AND traction, easily the best adventure bike tire I’ve ever run.  One doesn’t have to trade one (longevity) for the other (traction).

Pro’s:  Aggressive off-road traction good for rocks, deep soft sand as well as mud.  Longevity rivaling some of the plastic tires.

Con’s:  May be hard to find for a while as distribution builds; harder given the high interest in this tire