Gear Check: Motoz Mountain Hybrid

MOTOZ Mountain Hybrid Tire

Review by: Damien Ashenhurst (DIRT ACTION MAGAZINE) There aren’t any tyres that can do all things in all places for all people and that’s why riders tend to stay close to a tyre that works for them. We spent a heck of a lot of time on a tyre that at first glance, didn’t seem…

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Mountain Hybrid – User Review

I have ridden every weekend since I mounted the mountain Hybrid and I must say I am impressed. This time of year our best ridding is in the high mountains. We start to get a lot more moisture in the fall so there is a window of opportunity before the temperatures drop and the snow…

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MOUNTAIN HYBRID Tire Review by Dirt Bike Test

“… Traction-wise the Motoz tire is one of the best grabbing tires we have ever used on a very common hard ground with a sandy layer on top of it. Where standard knobbies break loose easily, the Motoz grabs and holds more horsepower before it spins up. Then when it does the spin the sliding characteristics…

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