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As a dedicated team of industrial designers and action sport enthusiast Zac Speed was founded in Melbourne Australia in 2003 with the single mission of designing the best backpacks possible for action sports. By new design we don’t mean more of the same, stick a logo on a backpack design, we don’t mean design over function, we mean looking for a whole new way of doing business from the ground up kinda new…. Design that works.

At Zac Speed we have been pioneers for over a decade in integrated protection and interchangeable components that greatly enhance a backpacks performance and capability. When you own a Zac Speed backpack you own a legacy of design innovation second to none.

To quote Charles Darwin “it’s not the most intelligent who survive but those who can best manage change”

Inspired by Riders – Built for Speed


CONFIGR8 is the name given to our pack system that is designed to deliver the ultimate in re-configurable backpacks solutions. With our unique tool free ladder lock system you can interchange harness options quickly and simply, this vastly improves the functional ability of your backpack by utilizing the front harness area of the pack like never before. The ladder lock strap has 9 different size settings allowing you to customize the fit perfectly with other garments or equipment.

What works perfectly in one situation is not necessarily best for the next. The CONFIGUR8 pack system can adapt to your intended use when you need it. Not only can the shoulder harness be interchanged, waist belt models have also been designed to allow integration of other elements further increasing the function of the CONFIGR8 pack system. The quick release buckles are common across the CONFIGR8 range allowing quick easy interchanging of all the elements. The CONFIGR8 system is simply a better way!

As featured in:



*comes with standard harness

Best 2lt Racing backpack for intermediate high performance extreme competition. Fitted standard with our dynamic COREFLEX race harness and removable waist belt. One stash pocket and Neoprene bladder carrier...

Best 3lt Racing backpack for intermediate high performance extreme competition. Fitted standard with our dynamic COREFLEX race harness and removable waist belt. One stash pocket and Neoprene bladder carrier...

The Sprint R-3 Enduro backpack has been purposely designed for short fast competition rides with its minimal design and aggressive graphics. It that adopts the NEW CONFIGR8 adaptive pack harness system...

The Recon S-3 Cross Country Backpack has been designed for intermediate distance rides and is a mid sized pack. The Recon has the flexibility of free load storage space on the outside with increased internal storage...

The DAKAR Adventure Backpack has been designed for those rides where you find yourself a long way from home. Offering enough storage (22.5lt) and versatility for the true adventure rider. It has a number of internal organized pockets...


The Exotec chest protector is a hard shell polycarbonate chest plate that offers optimal airflow keeping you cool whilst offering full roost protection...

Made from a durable1680D fabric, the Octane Tech Vest has been designed to offer a versatile increase in storage ability for the extra gear you require on the fly...

The POV harness is the ultimate integration of wearable video camera mounts utilizing a backpack harness system. It integrates with any CONFIGUR8 pack system...

 Accessories/Spare Parts

The Matrix Tool Pack was developed for the ultimate in versatility with the convenience of a removable tool roll and the adaptability of the CONFIGR8 Pack System. ...

The Zac Speed tool roll insert is made from tough 1680D fabric and has seven internal elastic tool locations and a clear spare parts pocket with fold out work pad.


Is the CONFIGR8 System compatible with the older generation EXOTEC pack systems?

The answer is YES and No. Yes, the new CONFIGR8 Chest protectors will fit straight onto the older packs. NO, the POV and OCTANE Tech vest will not fit the older EXOTEC back packs. If you’re not sure or we have confused you please drop us an email at and we will talk you through it.

Why are some elements of the CONFIGR8 pack system not compatible with older packs?

To give the POV Harness and OCTANE Tech Vest the adjustable range they need for a perfect fit, we needed to lower the ladder lock system in the backpack for more adjustability. As a result the harnesses are longer, so when fitted to the older style backpack with a higher positioned ladder lock system the harness cannot be shortened enough for a secure comfortable fit. In some cases, taller larger users the POV and OCTANE tech vest can be worn with older pack models. As a general rule you need to be taller than 5’10” with a medium to solid build for comfortable fit. Please contact us at for more guidance if required. We do recommend you take your early model pack to a dealer a dealer to confirm the fit works for you if not sure.

Can I fit a new CONFIGR8 pack to an older generation chest plate?

Yes – However, you will first need to upgrade the shoulder guards to the new CONFIGR8 model. They are available as an optional spare part.

Why can’t I fit the old chest plate to the new CONFIGR8 backpack?

The older shoulder guards have a much shorter ladder lock strap and as such will not reach the new lower positioned attach point of the CONFIGR8 pack system. This is solved by upgrading to the new EXOTEC CONFIGR8 shoulder guards sold separately as an accessory if required, they are available in M/L and XL/XXL sizes.

Can the Matrix tool pack be worn with older generation back packs?


Can the Matrix tool pack be integrated to the backpack when the Chest plate is being used?

No, The chest plate uses the 38mm quick release buckles required for the tool pack to be integrated – However the Matrix tool pack has been designed with a removable tool roll insert that allows you to easily load your tools from the Tool pack into the back pack for this reason. Please also remember that the Matrix tool pack can be worn independently of the backpack as it has it’s own waist belt extension.