Terrapactor MXS (soft)


Moto Cross

Track Conditions – Soft Terrain (soft soil, mixed mud/dry)

  • Two front tire sizes, 80/100-21 for traditional feel on the track and the all-new 90/100-21 with a taller profile for increased contact patch and better feel and feedback through hard edged ruts
  • All new MX compound for improved longevity and durability
  • Light weight carcass
  • Flex zones incorporated into carcass for improved cornering grip and drive stability
  • Flex zones incorporated into all tread rows to improve the feel and grip of cornering and accelerating
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The all new Terrapactor MXS (MX Soft) competition tire, is our most innovative offering for soft terrain riding, specifically tailored for soft soil, mixed mud/dry MX tracks.
The Terrapactor MXS boasts a lightweight construction that incorporates all of our extensive knowledge and expertise with its primary goal to provide exceptional performance on soft terrains. The MXS features a chunky, open tread pattern designed to prevent build-up and keep the tread clean along with ensuring a firm grip even in sticky conditions. To enhance the tire’s flexibility and grip, we have integrated cutting-edge tread flex zones within the tire’s carcass and knobs.
Experience the pinnacle of MX tire technology with the Terrapactor MXS (MX Soft) competition tire—your ultimate choice for dominating soft terrains with confidence and precision.

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Application – MX
Track Conditions – Soft Terrain (soft soil, mixed mud/dry)

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80/100-21 (51M), 90/100-21 (57M), 100/100-18 (59M), 110/100-18 (64M), 120/90-18 (65M), 100/90-19 (57M), 110/90-19 (62M), 120/90-19 (66M), 120/80-19 (63M)