Adventure Ride With Motoz Tractionator Adventure Tires

Adventure Ride with Motoz Tractionator Adventure Tires

Written by Scot Harden (Harden Offroad, Inc.)
Just got home yesterday from my four-day ride with Simon Cudby into the Mojave Preserve. All together 890.6 miles of riding with many long dirt and paved sections. The dirt covered everything from hard pack DG to rocky, to sharp lava rocks, to loose sand all with a variety of density and composition.

The bottom line is that the tires worked great. On the pavement they’re as good or better than any other predominately street Adv tire I have used including the Continentals and Metzelers. They were confidence inspiring and we flogged them pretty hard as many of the paved sections were desolate and we took full advantage of it riding between 80-110 mph for long stretches. In the dirt they were by far and away the best large displacement ADV tire I have ever used.

As mentioned we rode a wide variety of terrain types. I was most pleased with their performance in the sand. By the middle of the second day much of my sand riding confidence had returned as I could really count on the tires to hook up and provide good traction.

Lastly as far as wear goes they could easily go three times the distance we rode. There is plenty of knob left on the rear and the front looks barely used and still has most of its edge. And while the rear shows some small signs of pits in the tread they are nothing compared to what I have experienced on other Adv tires. By way of example the Continentals I replaced before the ride had only one ride on them of similar distance and the rear knob was practically non-existent.

Its pretty clear to me that you have the best Adv tire on the market right now. I would order up plenty more. I will be promoting them to everyone I come in contact with for sure.

Take care and see you down the trail. Oh yeah keep an eye open on the feature story Simon will be doing in Upshift on our ride. Attached are some pictures of the tires after the ride and a couple of shots from the ride.