XtreMe Hybrid User Review By CDSR

XtreMe Hybrid User Review by CDSR

California Dual Sports Riders (‪#‎CDSR‬) have been trying out the new MOTOZ XtreMe Hybrid Tire.
A great user experience to read!

Here’s my experience so far with the @motoztires XtreMe Hybrid paired with a @tubliss system (broken down by category):

*STREET: Much smoother riding than a standard knobby tire and only slightly more vibration than the Mountain Hybrid. During acceleration and braking it seemed to keep good traction without any major hiccups. Turning into a corner is very predictable.

*WEAR: over 16 hours of mixed terrain & the knobs show a little faster wear than the Mountain Hybrid, but is still on track to outlast most other tires I’ve used!

*TRACTION: OUTSTANDING! The spaced out tread pattern of the knobs seems to be exactly what is needed to allow for traction in all the loose stuff that the Mountain Hybrid fell a little short in. Because of the unique style of knobs, the XtreMe Hybrid grips and rips through hard terrain as well. Also, I was very impressed by its compliance in controlled slide situations followed by its eagerness to regain traction on cue!

*OVERALL: I have been “XtreMe”LY impressed with this tire and would highly recommend it to anyone riding a healthy mix of hard and loose terrain. If you are a rider that found the only fault of the Mountain Hybrid to be its loose terrain performance, the XtreMe Hybrid is definitely the way to go! As I’ve said many times before, tires should be looked at as a tool for a very specific job. You must be able to identify the type of terrain you ride most before you will be able to find the perfect tire for your bike! I hope this info is helpful to you and please feel free to comment with questions or any categories I may not have mentioned! -Jefe ?? #CDSR

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