TRACTIONATOR Adventure – User Review

TRACTIONATOR Adventure – User Review

Written by Kyle (Adventure Designs)

Stellar Tire!

The balance between dirt traction, street manners and potential mileage is a constant struggle. I’d love to tell you “how long” these Adventure tires will last – at 3k miles they are just getting broken in! Serious. The worn tire has 3k miles on it and it is sitting next to a brand new tire. This has NEVER before happened on my KTM.

To date… My GoTo tire has been the MotoZ Tractionator Desert HT on my KTM 950R Super Enduro. It was by far the best tire I have ever run on the SE and it lasts me upwards of 4k miles. The Desert HT Nails It in the dirt, sticks on the pavement, but is loud and does have some knobbie squirm which is to be expected.

When I got word that this new Adventure version was being released… I just had to get a set. 3k miles in and I must say that I am presently surprised at what this tire brings to the table.

It is quiet: Much like a traditional street tire it is quite despite the large voids between the massive lugs unlike the Desert HT which hums down the highway.

It is smooth: The slow speed vibration felt on most all knobbies when coming to a stop is not present with these tires.

Street Traction: I have ridden +/- 30 days in the rain on this set of tires. Most commute miles on freeway and city streets. Even on wet pavement, these tires allow me to lift the front end and the rear tire is tough to get to brake loose during hard acceleration and during quick stops.

Dirt & Mud Traction: This set of tires handles very well off-road. I prefer the Desert HT for deep loose gravel and MUD, but all other off-road situations there was no compromise.

The new MotoZ Adventure Tire looks, rides and acts as if a deck of tire were shuffled… TKC80, Karoo 3, K60, 908RR and a 2CT. The result is a quiet, long lasting very off road capable tire. FINALLY!

Thank you MotoZ for being the fist to bring us a tire that meets my Road need, Dirt needs WITH Longevity. Your rocked it on this one and I will continue to run these into the ground.