The Power Of MOTOZ – by Appalachian ADV

Mud clods and water spray behind the bike, a rooster tail of grime and chaos.  The violence erupting from the rear Motoz Tractionator Adventure contrasts the smoothness of the front Dual Venture.  With body weight shifted back and RiPeMs high, the rider sails through the mud pit. Aided by suspension, the front tire grips the edge of the earthen gash and climbs out towards drier terrain.  The knobbly treads evacuate earth and maintain much needed traction to aid the rider in navigating the mucky obstacle.

The trail does not allow the rider and his Tenere 700 much time to saunter, a garden of rocks lie just ahead of those Motoz tires!  The obstacle course tests the nimbleness of man & machine while challenging the strength of the rubber’s construction.  The attack stance and looseness of the rider along with the grip of the natural and synthetic hybrid tires aid in the assault of the terrain.  The rider aims the T7 on a line through the minefield of jagged boulders, working clutch and throttle.  The 21 inch Tractionator Dual Venture gripping and rolling over and around the craggy rocks while the 18 inch rear Adventure’s unique and deep tread blocks move the heavy bike through the gauntlet of chaos.

Delivered to the next gravel road, rider and motorbike take the opportunity to cool off from the sweaty trail work with a handful of throttle.  The windy road cuts through the wooded landscape, following the crest and chasm of the terrain.  The rider maintains his attack stance and leans the bike below him while the side treads of the beefy Motoz dig into the gravelly surface, spraying rocks as the bike powerslides through the snaking thoroughfare.  Left knee bent and digging into the tank, right leg straight and planted firmly into the peg, the T7 leans hard and glides through the turn with confidence inspiring grip from the Tractionator tires.


Cooled off and ready for the next challenge, the T7 sits patiently at the opening of the narrow trailhead.  The precarious entrance into the woods immediately shoots uphill and disappears under the shade of the canopy.  The superior block and wide footprint of the Tractionator Adventure digs into the dirt as the rider releases the clutch and hammers the throttle.  Rider and bike shoot into the forest and ascend the jagged terrain.  Suspension bouncing over loose and embedded rocks, the T7 never loses traction and maintains forward momentum.  Entrenched, the well-used trail has sunken below the surrounding earth, there is no escape from this gnarly minefield.  Staying loose, the rider must negotiate a banking turn to the left followed by another to the right and through a narrow passage between the terrestrial wall and a colossal boulder.  The Motoz maintain grip in the dicey vertical gash, deliver rider and bike back to a horizontal plane then on to the next adventure…

Are you ready to Find The Perfect Tyre For Your Next Adventure?  The only way to find Adventure Riding At Its Best is to choose the right rubber that can carry you, your bike, and your gear into the bush with confidence.  Head over to Pacific Powersports to check out the latest line-up of Motoz High Performance Off-Road Motorcycle Tires ( that will help turn your Adventure Bike into a true trail beast!


Motoz Tractionator Dual Venture Front Tire
70% dirt / 30% street
The new Tractionator DualVenture (TDV) is the most versatile front tyre in the Motoz line-up. The tread is unique: Built to uphold the reputation of Tractionator Adventure tyre, the DualVenture uses the same DNA and improves upon it.

  • Off-Road performance with great on-road manners.
  • Proven construction and compound for adventure and dual-sport use.
  • Designed in Australia for dependable performance in a wide variety of conditions without the need to change tire pressure between off-road and on-road.
  • Hybrid compound with Silica for optimum grip in mud, snow, and rain.
  • Reversible for extended use.

Motoz Tractionator Adventure Rear Tire
70% Off-Road – 30% Road
World Class Performance for the Serious Adventure Rider.

  • Designed to handle the toughest terrain in Australia, USA, Baja and across the globe providing superior off-road traction and long mileage.
  • Stronger construction than most adventure tires give world class off-road performance with a high resistance to punctures.
  • Uniquely designed tread blocks self-protect for long life and self-sharpen for better traction through the life of the tire.
  • Optimized hybrid natural / synthetic compound produces dependable grip in all weather extremes.
  • Superior block and profile design enables larger footprint providing superior off-road traction and hi speed cornering.
  • More tread depth than most adventure tires for better traction in mud and snow.

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