STORM Handguard – Single Point Bar End Mount (hollow)


Hollow handlebar

Code: STM-005-BK


  • To fit hollow handlebar.
  • Designed for weather protection only.  NOT designed for impact protection.
  • Mounted to a single point on the handlebar end using a unique internal locking system.
  • Incorporates an aluminum frame and locking cap to secure the handguard in place.
  • Provides excellent wind and cold weather protection.
  • Easy installation.
  • Black STORM plastic guard included.
  • Note: For 1 inch hollow handlebars, adapter kit will be required (Code: B-074).
  • Note: This Single Point Mount product is not designed for impact protection.
  • (If impact protection is required, choose from our TWO POINT MOUNT options).
Universal_Fit_U.png UNIVERSAL FIT

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