Mountain Hybrid – User Review

Mountain Hybrid – User Review

I have ridden every weekend since I mounted the mountain Hybrid and I must say I am impressed. This time of year our best ridding is in the high mountains. We start to get a lot more moisture in the fall so there is a window of opportunity before the temperatures drop and the snow sticks. I have tried a few different soft knobby tires that works well for this season but the compound doesn’t last more than a few short rides or one big day. My preference for the high mountain terrain is a trials tire because we do get into some very challenging terrain and they last a long time. I noticed the Hybrid had a pretty stiff side wall so I mounted it with a worn out foam bib that would be too soft for most other tires but is magic with this Mountain Hybrid.  The MotoZ Mountain Hybrid I mounted was comparable to trials tires I have run, the Hybrid with a little softer knobby compound would be magic. Where the Mountain Hybrid really shines is everywhere a trials tire does not, mud, snow, braking, accelerating and holding an edge. A trials tire will break free on high speed flat turns where the Hybrid hooks up. Breaking was surprisingly good but I think a knobby gets it done a little better. Overall I was blown away by the performance and durability of this tire. It does exactly what it was designed for (Technical mountain ridding I think?) and all around it does it better than any tire I have ever used. I also inevitably end up transferring a road section and I believe your production Hybrid is DOT (I hope) which is a huge plus. I am blown away by the life I am getting out of this tire, it’s almost too much in my opinion. I think the tire would benefit by giving up a little life for a softer knobby compound but side wall stiffness is perfect. I love this tire and will use one next season for mountain riding. Maybe not my tire of choice for the desert which we ride in the winter months, I will put on the knobby and give you feedback on that one as well. The pictures below of the tire are from that ride or just after. You will see screws in the finale photo. The screws were used and worn down when I installed them. When it gets icy the screws really help!
Okay here is the information you are probably looking for:
First ride 60 miles on rocky technical terrain, decomposed granite and a short road section (10miles) Near Stanley ID.

image009Second ride 80 miles out of same camp near Stanley ID,  similar conditions.


 image011Third ride was in the Danskin mountains near Boise. 60 miles or so. Wet sandy good dirt terrain with few rocks. Mountain bike trails. Everyone I was with had a new knobby on because of the perfect dirt conditions. I thought the knobby might be an advantage but honestly the hybrid hooked up almost as good. Braking would be my only complaint and it wasn’t all that bad.

 image013Fourth ride was back up into high rocky mountain terrain near Cascade ID with fresh snow up high. The hybrid tire worked pretty good in the snow and mud. Much better than any trials tire I have used.

image015Fifth ride was round 8 of the Geico Endurocross series. My tire of choice in the past has been super soft knobby tires from various manufactures and they work really well but only for a short time. I chose the Hybrid this time and rode it 3 laps for 2 X practice, 1 X qualifier (I got third and they only take top 2), 1 X LCQ (got 2nd), 1 X night program practice and 4 X laps for the vet main event. That’s a total of  about 20 laps but not sure how many miles. The Hybrid worked great and meets AMA requirements for Endurocross! I had my own issues and ended up 7th in the vet class main.

image017Sixth ride was like the third, back into primo wet sandy goodness. About 20 miles.

Seventh ride was near Hells Canyon ID about 50 miles in rocky snowy conditions.


The Hybrid tire is wearing extremely well. There are no noticeable cracks or chunking. Plenty of life left! Thank you for allowing me to provide feedback on this tire. I will follow up on the other knobby tire you sent as soon as I get some time on it. I also have a KTM 950 Super Enduro if you ever need dual sport tire feedback!
Happy trails!
Written by: Danny Youngwerth