PRODUCT: The Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T (soft terrain) knobby has been designed to provide aggres- sive traction in soft terrain with longer wear than regular soft-terrain tires. It features MX grip with enduro strength and wear. The new, larger 90/100-21 Fatty creates a larg- er footprint via taller sidewalls, targets balanced grip in loose terrain, and is DOT legal for dual-sport riders.

The Motoz tire comes via Australia, and its line of tires includes adventure, enduro, MX and hybrid knobs. They are manufactured in Thailand at a privately owned factory (for over 40 years) and are the only off-road tires made by the factory.

OUR TAKE: We’ve become major fans of the Motoz line of tires. They are not cheap, but after many miles of hardcore testing, the rear tires are definitely durable while offering excellent grip. Even the soft-terrain tires hold
up far longer than the majority of MX-based soft-terrain tires and are a favorites of ours for long rides with vary- ing terrain. The new front Fatty Tractionator front comes to the market following the success of the Goldentyre Fatty, which has developed a strong following. The taller sidewalls make for a larger overall diameter, letting the tire work better in loose, sandy and muddy terrain. In our high-desert testing, this tire rates right at the top of the food chain. It craves sand, resists diving and nerfing like an 80/100-21 and flexes nicely in rocky terrain for a strong traction factor. The mud performance is decent, but it’s not the tire’s strong suit. It’s versatile, preferring intermediate to loose terrain, chews on sand with an appetite and offers good feel in the rocks.

If there’s a drawback, it’s in ruts, as the wider footprint tends to make the tire want to grab the side of the ruts and climb out. Wear and durability have been excellent, and we have been using it with a Tubliss system to limit flats (we also run Slime) and let us modulate air pressure for a precise feel in cobbier terrain.

This is a strong performer and gets the Dirt Bike stamp of approval.

PRICE: $89.99