MOTOZ Tires Named the Official Tire of the Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route

Pacific Powersports, the U.S. distributor of Motoz Tires brand, announces a multi-year sponsorship of the Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®), with Motoz Tires named the Official Tire of the upcoming Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route (WYBDR). The BDR expedition team will be putting the Motoz Tractionator RallZ tires to the test on multi-day, long-distance off-road trips while scouting and filming the 11th adventure motorcycle route, scheduled for release in January of 2022.

We are happy to partner with the Backcountry Discovery Routes because we support their mission to create and preserve off-highway riding opportunities which is great for our customers. We think that our Motoz RallZ Tires are a great fit because they offer 30% more thread depth than most competitors and are well regarded by adventure riders for their high off-road performance and longevity.” – Brian Cornelius, Pacific Powersports

The Motoz RallZ tire is the most aggressive off-road adventure tire in the Motoz range – perfect for tackling BDR-type terrain. The tires have a unique tread block pattern offering both exceptional traction in the dirt, and also relatively long life span thanks to a self-protecting design. The tire’s carcass is tougher than most adventure tires which helps reduce the possibility of punctures on the trail. Currently available in a variety of tube and tubeless sizes for big and mid-range adventure bikes, the RallZ will also be available in a range of tube-type adventure sizes for light-weight adventure bikes through Pacific Powersports.

The most common question we get from the community is about tire choices for our routes. We always recommend DOT approved knobby tires with an aggressive tread pattern for superior off-road traction and better grip in technical terrain. The BDR team will be putting the RallZ tires to the test during our upcoming 1,200-mile, 10-day filming expedition of the WYBDR.” -Inna Thorn, Director of Operations, BDR

Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®) is a 501c (3) non-profit organization that creates off-highway routes for adventure and dual-sport motorcycle travel. The organization’s work includes promoting rider education and safety campaigns, driving economic relief to rural communities, and encouraging responsible motorcycle travel in the backcountry. BDR delivers turn-key trip planning resources to the community including GPS tracks, digital maps, travel information, route condition updates, YouTube videos, Q&As, and other information – all available 24/7 on Since 2010, BDR has created routes in Washington, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, the Mid-Atlantic region, Southern California, the North-East region, and soon in Wyoming.