FALCO MIXTO Adventure Boots Review by Adventure Bike Rider


Motorcycle boot company Falco have been producing good quality footwear from their factory in the north-east of Italy since the early nineties. Their boots cover all the different genres from Racing to Enduro and have now entered the Adventure Riding arena with the Mixto and the Mixto ATV.

The Mixto ATV reviewed here stood out to me straight away because they are not the usual black boots that we always see. What a refreshing change!

They are constructed from brown hydrophobic leather which has a nu-buck/suede finish and have a High-Tex waterproof membrane making them very waterproof. I have worn the test pair through our monsoon like summer and they have performed very well indeed-dry and warm feet!

Protection comes from a visible- if not a little short – P.U. injected shin plate as well as covert ankle armour on both sides and P.U. gear changing panels on each foot. They have a reasonably wide fit as well so they don’t pinch, unlike a lot of Italian boots, which are usually a lot slimmer in size. The toe box is strong and will withstand impacts from rocks etc. The heel shank is on the softer side but is still quite sturdy.

The sole is akin to a walking boot with deep self-cleaning tread which will give good grip on loose surfaces. They have a reinforced instep plate to give better strength if you find yourself standing up a lot. Straight from new the boots were easy to wear as they didn’t need to be broken in, giving a good amount of flex which is always nice when it comes to changing gear in new boots. There is some lateral movement in the sole but not enough to cause concern as a weakness.
Fastenings on the Mixto are from 2 fully adjustable buckles and a Velcro tab and they do work well, but I felt that they could have been a bit more generous with the Velcro as it’s a bit small and the top of the boot isn’t snug around my not so skinny calves, but it does leave enough room for jeans to be tucked in.

In general these boots are well constructed and finished with double stitching on seams for greater strength and offer good all-round protection they will be great for Adventure Touring with that different look and at a price that should have them flying off the shelves.
Available in sizes: 38-48

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