For a typical off-road bike, there are several companies that make universal handguards that fit and perform well. But if you have an ADV bike, you will likely need to get handguards that are made specifically for your make/model. This is because most ADV bikes come with handguards standard and have unique handlebar bends and mounting points. Most of those stock handguards are not very durable, as was the case with our long-term Honda Africa Twin. Barkbusters is an Australian company that has been making handguards since 1984. They offer single- and double-point-mount handguards for just about any motorcycle.



Durable design with great fitment


The Barkbusters website allows you to select the various options for your specific bike (or universal options that will fit many bikes). For the Africa Twin, they have one full wrap-around aluminum guard that uses the threaded inserts in the stock handlebars. From there, you can select one of several options of plastic guards to suit your desired amount of coverage. Barkbuster also offers a carbon fiber model. For this review, we went with their VPS (Variable Protection System), with plastic handguard, option for our Honda Africa Twin.
Installing the Barkbusters was easy due to great instructions and nearly perfect fitment. The plastic VPS deflectors mount up to the guards with course screws that thread directly into the aluminum. At first, we were somewhat skeptical that this mounting method would hold up but they have proven to be very strong. The plastic deflectors also include an optional short extension for added wind coverage.
The stock Africa Twin handguards broke the first time the handlebars hit the ground and we are happy to report that the Barkbusters can take a lot of abuse. We have yet to break ours. CN

Our Barkbusters passed the first test with flying colors—they bolted right up to our Africa Twin! No hassles.

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