Recon Cross Country Backpack

The Recon S-3 Cross Country Backpack has been designed for intermediate distance rides and is a mid sized pack. The Recon has the flexibility of free load storage space on the outside with increased internal storage above the smaller Sprint R-3. This pack also has a large outer pocket that can hold the Zac Speed tool roll (not supplied) when not used with the optional Matrix Tool Pack. Like the Sprint, the Recon pack is made from durable 1680D Poly fabric to ensure it meets the demands of the tough off-road environment with high quality YBS zips. Three compartment pockets, one internal soft lined goggle pocket and two external technical pockets the Recon has ample storage options for trail rides.
The Recon comes standard with high quality Source 3 Lt/100oz bladder system with a quick connect hose system. The Recon pack has been designed with a wide vented TPR waist belt system to keep the pack stabilized whilst offering optimal comfort and ventilation. The pack is also equipped with the Zac Speed CONFIGR8 pack system allowing you to customize your pack with other CONFIGR8 elements for superior flexibility and adaptability. 


– Construction 1680D Poly Fabric
– YBS water resistant zips with rubberized all weather pulls
– Molded EVA (Bio-foam) back panel
– PU Articulated pack shield insert
– Capacity 13.5lt
– Removable waist belt and Shoulder harness
– Five storage pockets
– CONFIGR8 ladder lock adjustment system (tool free)
– Elasticized tool storage side pockets
– Source 3lt hydration system
– Weight 3.6 lbs (With pack shield and hydration system.)
– Weight 2.75 lbs (Pack only).
– Length 17.7″ – Width 13.7″

MSRP: $154.95


Quick release waist belt system with Bio-foam moulded back panel for easy access to removable pack shield. The removable shoulder harness has thick soft padding for improved comfort on longer endurance rides. The foam panelling also helps insulate the hydration bladder.


Running almost the full length of the pack the Recon S-3 has two large wide opening side pockets with universal elastic storage slots ideal for tools and accessories. Their location on the side of the Hydration bladder allows the pack to maximize storage space whilst minimising the pack profile.


Located at the front of the pack for easy access the Recon has two internal mesh pockets for itemised storage with extra room for snack storage.


The main storage pocket offers ample storage space with a soft fleece lined goggle pocket. Sitting in front of the main storage pocket is a vented mesh free load pocket with two cinching straps for a secure load.


The quick tool free ladder lock adjustments allow optimal fitment of the pack and quick attachment and removal of CONFIGR8 accessories. Whether your wearing a light summer jersey or heavy winter jacket the Sprint can be fitted perfectly all year round. Click on the link below for more information on the CONFIGR8 pack system TM.


The Sprint has been designed with vented waist belt side wings to improve comfort and pack stability over rough terrain. The vented cavity allows air circulation whilst conforming to the hip form of the wearer. With a quick release webbing extender you can quickly integrate the innovative CONFIGR8 Matrix tool pack.


The internal removable articulated pack shield provides multiple functions. Whilst it offers protection from pack contents it also allows the pack to keep its shape when loaded maintaining the cavities between the Bio-foam padding ensuring optimal airflow between the user and the pack.


The Sprint utilises high quality YBS water resistant zips with heady duty rubberised zip pull extenders.
This ensures easy operation of the zips in all weather with no need to remove gloves.


Zac Speed has had a close relationship with Source hydration systems for more than ten years simply because they are one of the highest quality systems available. Made in Israel to the highest standards quality is guaranteed. When it comes to hydrating your body you simply cannot compromise on the materials used to store fluid. Click here for more information.

The Recon Cross Country backpack is part of the CONFIGR8 adaptive pack system where you can choose from a number of interchangeable harnesses and waist belt options to configure your pack just the way you want it right when you need it. The CONFIGR8 system allows you the flexibility of adapting the pack to different demands all year round. Whether you need more protection or want it to work with your current protector, whether your wearing a jersey or a jacket the unique heavy duty Configur8 ladder lock system allows you seamless tool free adjustment and interchangeability like no other pack on the planet.

The CONFIGR8 system has been developed over years of research and is based on tried and tested EXOTEC system. It’s not often a truly innovative transformative product comes along that redefines a category such that it requires a new one. Enter the new era of “CONFIGRABLE BACKPACKS” where the backpack is just part of the story, you make up the rest.


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