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The POV harness is the ultimate integration of wearable video camera mounts utilizing a backpack harness system. The POV harness easily integrates with any CONFIGUR8 pack system via the unique ladder lock system allowing you to catch hours of video footage without the need for any additional straps or mounts. Simply attach the camera to the universal camera mount turn it on and launch. No more mucking around, the chest mount is easily accessible for set up and offers one of the most immersive perspectives for action sport footage.

When your done taking footage you can remove the POV harness and interchange it with any other CONFIGR8 system or simply revert back to a standard configuration backpack in less than a minute. The universal design of the POV mount allows for an endless range of options. The flexible nature of the design is only limited by your imagination, If riding trails at night planned or otherwise the mount is easily adapted to allow the use of lighting systems. 



– Construction 1680D Poly Fabric
– Dual density foam padding
– Removable alloy mount plate (Go Pro style)
– Ergonomically molded plastic stabilization plate
– CONFIGR8 pack compatible
– Weight 0.8 lbs (without camera)
– Nine sizes setting ladder lock straps
– H20 hose loops

MSRP: $43.95

The POV harness comes standard with a removable heavy-duty aluminium anodised CNC Go Pro style mount plate. This is removable via a standard gauge camera mount screw allowing any number of aftermarket adaptable options readily available to be attached.

The POV harness utilizes the CONFIGR8 quick attach ladder lock system allowing it to be quickly attached and removed without the use of tools. The adjustable 9- position ladder lock allows the POV harness to be worn over a jersey or jacket with the same comfortable positioning every time.

“No More ground shots” The POV mount plate has been angled at 20 degrees to allow optimal positioning of action cams whilst leaning forward in the attack position. The optimal angle allows a full range of adjustability for any action sport.




The Matrix Tool Pack was developed for the ultimate in versatility with the convenience of a removable tool roll and the adaptability of the CONFIGR8 Pack System. …

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