Zac Speed Exotec chest protector

The Exotec chest protector is a hard shell polycarbonate chest plate that offers optimal airflow keeping you cool whilst offering full roost protection. The chest plate is ergonomically attached to any CONFIGR8 backpack pack by the use of a ventilated Soft Shell shoulder guard further enhancing comfort. Zac Speed Exotec protectors come in two sizes (refer sizing chart) Medium/Large and XLarge/XXLarge.

The Unique application of the quad load distribution straps allow the backpack to be fully loaded and still maintain a balance position on the user without riding up the chest offsetting the pendulum effect. The quad load distribution straps also reduce the apparent weight effect of the pack load by distribution of the effective load through the entire chest plate. The chest plate can be fitted and removed effortlessly via the tool free CONFIGR8 ladder lock system.



Construction: Polycarbonate
– Molded EVA foam padding
– Quad Load strap system
– Soft shell shoulder guards
– Weight: M/L 1.3 lbs
– XL/XXL 1.7 lbs
– Dimensions: M/L – H14.2″ W17.5″
– XL/XXL – H15.35″ W18.7″

MSRP: $66.95

Size :


Designed to integrate seamlessly to any CONFIGR8 pack, the Exotec protector offers lightweight cool protection in one cohesive system. Ergonomically designed to offer the ultimate in flexible pack integration and comfort. Simply a better way!


The Quad load strap system of the Exotec protector is a critical feature of a protector pack systems function. The two extra straps of the Quad system stop the chest plate from pivoting on the back and chest by holding the pack and chest plate in perfect alignment at all times. Once the straps are set they can be locked in place via a cam lock buckle – set and forget!


The quick tool free ladder lock adjustments allow optimal fitment of the pack and quick attachment and removal of the EXOTEC Protector and other CONFIGR8 accessories. The quick fit ladder lock system allows you to convert your backpack to a standard configuration or integrate any other CONFIGR8 option effortlessly.

The EXOTEC Chest plate is part of the CONFIGR8 adaptive pack system where you can choose from a number of interchangeable harnesses and waist belt options to configure your pack just the way you want it right when you need it. The CONFIGR8 system allows you the flexibility of adapting the pack to different demands all year round. Whether you need more protection or want it to work with your current protector, whether your wearing a jersey or a jacket the unique heavy duty CONFIGR8 ladder lock system allows you seamless tool free adjustment and interchangeability like no other pack on the planet.

The CONFIGR8 system has been developed over years of research and is based on tried and tested EXOTEC system. It’s not often a truly innovative transformative product comes along that redefines a category such that it requires a new one. Enter the new era of “CONFIGRABLE BACKPACKS” where the backpack is just part of the story, you make up the rest.



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