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MOTOZ Super Mousse – NEW!

Motoz Super Mousse replaces an inner tube to prevent punctures. Made from butyl with our unique sphero-nitrogenic structure technology for optimum performance.

Why choose Motoz Super Mousse?

  • Tried and tested formula, specially developed for best balance between light weight and rebound response.
  • Affordable price.
  • Large size range.
  • Practical service life of 6 – 12 months (depending on use and application).
  • 75ml hi-tack super lube included

Fitting – ensure your mousse is fitted by a qualified technician referring to the fitting instructions. The most important issue is ensure tire beads aren’t stretched or broken during fitting.

MOTOZ Super Mousse is designed for off road use only. Marked NHS (Not for Highway Service) means NO homologation and must not be used on public roads. We don’t recommend using the mousse in Hybrid tires.
Maximum speed is 80 mph for short periods; not recommended for prolonged periods at this speed (applicable use is off road and race conditions such as MX, hare scrambles and enduro).

Inflation equivalent is approximately 13 psi and varies depending of tire brand and ambient heat. Mousse will soften with use and age and should be replaced when too soft. Use the general rule, if in doubt, take it out.
Ambient temperature for riding with mousse is maximum 86 F.

Mousse life expectancy varies with application and use, but is generally between 6 months for average weekend use and 12 months for infrequent weekend use. Racing and heavy use will reduce mousse life and mousse should be checked regularly to ensure sufficient stiffness and shape. When bike not in use it is recommended to store safely on a service stand with both wheels off the ground.
It is essential to use the genuine Motoz lube, which has a hi-tack formula to reduce friction between the tyre and mousse.
When a new mousse is fitted, a short gentle ride at lower speed is recommended to ensure mousse and tyre adapt before race or technically difficult use is applied.

When used with other tire brands, fitter must ensure correct match with tire and suitability for safe application.
Mousse should be stored horizontally in its original box in a cool dry place and must not exceed 30 Degrees Celsius.

Use of rim lock front and rear is recommended.

Motoz Super Mousse

80-080-100-2180/100-21 (front)$139.95Out of Stock
80-090-100-2190/100-21 (front)$139.95Out of Stock
80-110-090-19 110/90-19 (rear)$139.95
80-120-090-19 120/90-19 (rear)$139.95
80-110-100-18110/100-18 (rear)$139.95
80-120-090-18120/90-18 (rear)$139.95Out of Stock
80-140-080-18140/80-18 (rear)$139.95
80-090-100-1690/100-16 (rear)$119.95Out of Stock
80-090-100-1490/100-14 (rear)$119.95Out of Stock
80-080-100-1280/100-12 (rear)$99.95Out of Stock
80-070-100-1970/100-19 (front)$99.95Out of Stock
80-070-100-1770/100-17 (front)$99.95Out of Stock
80-060-100-1460/100-14 (front)$99.95Out of Stock



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