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Emergency repairs should be checked by a professional. Do not travel at more than 80kph / 50mph. Do not expose to temperatures of over 50oC / 122oF.

An essential kit for making emergency puncture repairs. This puncture repair kit is suitable for Motorcycle and ATV quad bikes tire repairs. 

Key features of the puncture repair kit:

  • Marker: to mark the exact location of the puncture.
  • Pliers: to extract the object that caused the puncture.
  • Cleaning tool: to make the hole match the wick.
  • Insertion tool: to insert the repair plug.
  • Plugs: to repair the puncture.
  • Cutter: to cut excess plug.
  • Connection pipe: to adapt CO2 compressed air cylinders to the tire valve.
  • 16grs CO2 cylinders: to instantly inflate the tire.
  • Protector: Sheath for CO2 cylinders – prevents burns due to sudden drop in temperature.
  • Caps: for valves.
  • Bag: a practical bag for keeping the whole kit.

Inflating a tire is very easy and will only take 2 minutes. However, repairing a tire requires a certain amount of strength and skill.

Part # GK003
MSRP: $39.95



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